Pandemic Game Night!

Social-distancing makes life feel lonely. It’s time to start filling up your social calendar again! Beginning May 2nd, Artivem Mead Co. is hosting an online game night every Saturday during the month of May. No, we’re not playing poker, monopoly, or D&D over the internet. Our game nights are interactive, clever, and funny, and your phone is the game controller.

Event: Pandemic Game Night
When: Saturdays at 7 PM (Pacific Time) during the month of May

Meeting ID: 946 0884 8244 
Password: artivem

How to Join
Click on the link in the "Where" section above or copy and paste it into your browser's navigation bar. You will be prompted to join the chat from your browser or in the Zoom application. Joining from your browser does not require a download. Joining in Zoom requires a download if you do not already have the application on your device.

What do you need to play?

  • A device for joining the Zoom chat, so you can see the “game board”.
  • A device for submitting your responses. This is your game controller.
  • A good internet connection
  • A glass of your favorite mead, beer, ice tea, milk, water, or whatever you drink You do not need to download or sign-up for anything. The game is free for you and it is played on your device’s web browser and video chat can be opened in your browser (or downloaded if you want). After you join the Zoom chat, we will provide directions for accessing the game.

Who’s Invited?
Literally, everyone. Our hope is to add a little pizzaz to your pandemic lifestyle. This invitation extends to anyone who is bored, lonely, enjoys good times, or is tired of being cooped up in their house with family.

What games are we playing?
For our inaugural game night on May 2nd, we will be playing Fibbage. This trivia-style party game will stretch your creativity and wits as you try to get other participants to guess your made-up answer while you try to find the truth. Other game nights may include Drawful, Bracketeering, and Quiplash.

How many people can play?
You probably weren’t asking yourself this question, but we have an answer for you anyway. The games are between 8-16 players. What happens if we have too many people join? That’s the great part about these games, even the audience can participate and have a good laugh! There can be hundreds (sometimes thousands) of participants who can cast their votes and influence the outcome of a game.

We realize that you may be apprehensive about joining an online game night with people you don’t know playing games you’ve never heard of and that’s fair. But here’s the thing, we’re usually fun to hang out with. We’ll see there.

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