Introducing Artivem Mead Co.

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If you are a fan of mead, we have great news! Washington will soon have another great meadery to satisfy your thirst for high-quality mead. Here at Artivem Mead Co., we have just signed the lease agreement on our tasting room located in Bellingham, WA. While we have been hard at work laying the groundwork, signing this lease marks the start of our journey to obtaining our alcohol permits (which means we get to produce mead that you can buy).

We want to take this moment for a proper introduction...

Future site of the Artivem Mead Co. tasting room

Our Vision is to share our unique, handcrafted mead that will inspire and grow a community that grabs hold of new experiences.

Our Mission is to push the boundaries of mead-making and never settle for boring or anything less than exceptional quality.

Who We Are 

Artivem Mead Co. is a passion project formed by a couple of friends who believe everyone has value, everyone has meaningful ideas, and there is always room for improvement. This vision for community, creativity, and quality has led to the start of this great adventure. 

 Our team is currently comprised of Carlos Bassetti and Micah Mailand, both formerly of Superstition Meadery in Prescott, AZ. We love everything about the craft beverage community -- the comradery, the never-ending curiosity for new flavors, and the enthusiasm for quality -- and we can’t wait for you to taste the amazing meads we have planned.

What’s Next 

This is simply the beginning of our story and a long journey to becoming a licensed mead producer. If you are a mead enthusiast, we hope you will join us on this adventure. If you want to know more about Artivem Mead Co., visit

Connect with us! 


A heads up for those hoping to order our mead online once we open... Our mead will only be available on-site for the first several months to a year while we settle into a rhythm. Growlers will be available, but you’ll have to come to visit. ;)


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